Hey there, I'm Maddie!

First impressions are lasting impressions, right? That sure puts a lot of pressure on this introduction...

For starters, I appreciate authenticity and crave joy (which is why I'm going out on a limb and sharing this ridiculous photo of myself).

I'm the photographer behind Adeline Photo. My heart is to capture connection. I believe we're all made for connection- for love and by love.

I've always considered myself to be a "light chaser". I love the way light falls and creates shadows, depth, shapes, mood, etc. You can't replace natural light. It's mesmerizing. Several years ago, this love of light joined forced with my love for connection and boom- I fell for photography. I enjoy getting to know individuals, families, and couples just as much as I loved providing them photographs to cherish in years to come. This grew into a passion- one I've been blessed to turn into a business.

In 2016, after a season of stepping back to navigate early motherhood, my love for photography was reawakened as I admired light streaming into the windows and onto my sleeping (itty-bitty) son.

I wanted to capture these early moments.

I wanted to freeze time that seemed to slip between my fingers so easily. Time was passing by so quickly (it seems like that even more so if you meet your husband, get married, and start a family within the same year...wild- I know :P !).

I've been honored to spend the better part of the last four years pursuing that passion and photographing major and minor milestones not just for my own family but for other families, new parents, couples, businesses, and individuals.

When I work with clients, my purpose is more than getting pretty pictures; it's about creating opportunity for genuine connection and emotion, and most importantly, being in the moment.

Whether it's doing life with the people you love, becoming a family, or capturing the pursuit of your very own passion(s), I'd love to help tell your story.

PS- I love meeting clients and hearing their vision so don't be shy! Let's connect! My husband jokes that I don't know a stranger...I don't plan to prove him wrong.

Until then,

-Maddie Adeline

Meet My Family

Here's my big-hearted family. They are very much a part of who I am and the work I do today. We recently had our own family photos done. I'll let you guess who chose the second outfit.

Photos taken by my lovely friend, Lee Anne, and edited by me.